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No-Low Waste Policy

At The Tiers Tea Lounge, we make every effort within the limitations of health regulations, to where we possibly can, create no waste or keep it to the barest minimum. We've been calling this No to Low Waste (No-Low Waste).

This applies to both the food products and the way we use cooking, cleaning and packaging materials.

Take-away containers are all compostable or recycle-able.

All of our take-away materials are readily compostable or recyclable, including straws, plates, cups and wooden cutlery.

Coffee and tea 'waste' is all re-used for composting. Surplus food at the end of the trading week somehow becomes non-surplus, by various means.

Sometimes health regulations seem incompatible with our desire to be no-low waste. Biscuit packs on display must be contained in sealed clear wrapping. Each night we have little choice but to cover the food in a cling wrap to keep the products fresh and to prevent them becoming contaminated. Any cling wrap plastic we use is all offered up to soft plastic recycling.

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